Committee on Critical Infrastructure

Committee on Critical InfrastructureMembers
Total Members: 81

Committee on Critical Infrastructure

Gladys Brown

Gladys M.  Brown, Chair
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner, Co-Vice Chair
Iowa Utilities Board
Swain Whitfield

Swain E.  Whitfield, Co-Vice Chair
South Carolina Public Service Commission
Joseph Fiordaliso

Joseph L.  Fiordaliso
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Tonola Brown-Bland

Tonola D.  Brown-Bland
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Mark Vannoy

Mark Vannoy
Maine Public Utilities Commission
Asim Haque

Asim Z.  Haque
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Robert Stein

Robert Stein, Observer
Connecticut Siting Council
Jay Emler

Jay Scott  Emler
Kansas Corporation Commission
Mary-Anna Holden

Mary-Anna Holden
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Scott Rupp

Scott T.  Rupp
Missouri Public Service Commission
Dianne Solomon

Dianne Solomon
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Jay Balasbas

Jay Balasbas
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Diane Burman

Diane X   Burman
New York State Public Service Commission
Bob Burns

Bob Burns
Arizona Corporation Commission
Michael Caron

Michael A.  Caron
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Upendra Chivukula

Upendra Chivukula
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Robert Hayden

Robert E.  Hayden
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
Mindy L. Herman

Mindy L. Herman
Maryland Public Service Commission
Geri D. Huser

Geri D. Huser
Iowa Utilities Board
Sandy Jones

Sandy Jones
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Cheryl LaFleur

Cheryl A.  LaFleur
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Dr. Talina R. Mathews

Dr. Talina R. Mathews
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Wendy M. Moser

Wendy M. Moser
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Anthony  O'Donnell

Anthony  O'Donnell
Montana Public Service Commission
Sadzi M. Oliva

Sadzi M. Oliva
Illinois Commerce Commission
Anastasia Palivos

Anastasia Palivos
Illinois Commerce Commission
Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Potter
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Tricia Pridemore

Tricia Pridemore
Georgia Public Service Commission
Ann Rendahl

Ann Rendahl
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Michael T.  Richard

Michael T.  Richard
Maryland Public Service Commission
Sally Talberg

Sally A.  Talberg
Michigan Public Service Commission
John Tuma

John Tuma
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

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