Committee on ElectricityMembers

Total Members: 134

Committee on Electricity

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Judith Jagdmann

Judith W.  Jagdmann, Chair
Virginia State Corporation Commission
Edward Finley

Edward S.  Finley, Jr.
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Ann Rendahl

Ann Rendahl, Co-Vice Chair
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
John R. Rosales

John R. Rosales, Co-Vice Chair
Illinois Commerce Commission
David Ziegner

David E.  Ziegner
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Dallas Winslow

Dallas Winslow
Delaware Public Service Commission
Willie Grieve

Willie Grieve, Q.C., Observer
Alberta Utilities Commission
Dana Murphy

Dana Murphy
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Eric Skrmetta

Eric F.  Skrmetta
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Raymond Gorman

Raymond Gorman, Q.C., Observer
New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board
Lauren "Bubba" McDonald

Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Jr.
Georgia Public Service Commission
Cheryl LaFleur

Cheryl A.  LaFleur
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Gary Hanson

Gary W.  Hanson
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
Bob Lake

Bob Lake
Montana Public Service Commission
David R. Clark

David R. Clark
Public Service Commission of Utah
Robert Stein

Robert Stein
Connecticut Siting Council
Gladys Brown

Gladys M.  Brown
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Bill Russell

Bill Russell
Wyoming Public Service Commission
Willie Phillips

Willie L.  Phillips
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia
Patrick Lyons

Patrick H.  Lyons
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Michael Albert

Michael A.  Albert
Public Service Commission of West Virginia
Ted J. Thomas

Ted J. Thomas
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Kristine Raper

Kristine Raper
Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Shari Albrecht

Shari Feist  Albrecht
Kansas Corporation Commission
Kathryn Bailey

Kathryn M.  Bailey, P.E.
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Sam Britton

Sam Britton
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Daniel Clodfelter

Daniel Clodfelter
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Katie Scharf Dykes

Katie Scharf Dykes
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Marion Gold

Marion Gold
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
Bob Gordon

Bob Gordon
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Art Graham

Art Graham
Florida Public Service Commission
Cynthia B. Hall

Cynthia B. Hall
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Asim Haque

Asim Z.  Haque
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Mike Huebsch

Mike Huebsch
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Dr. Talina R. Mathews

Dr. Talina R. Mathews
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Angela O'Connor

Angela O'Connor
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
Anthony J. O'Donnell

Anthony J. O'Donnell
Maryland Public Service Commission
Jeremy Oden

Jeremy H.  Oden
Alabama Public Service Commission
Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Potter
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
P.E. Ramos Soegaard

P.E. Ferdinand  Ramos Soegaard
Puerto Rico Energy Bureau
Liane M. Randolph

Liane M. Randolph
California Public Utilities Commission
John B. Rhodes

John B. Rhodes
New York State Public Service Commission
Anthony Z. Roisman

Anthony Z. Roisman
Vermont Public Utility Commission
Scott Rupp

Scott T.  Rupp
Missouri Public Service Commission
Andrew Rutnik

Andrew Rutnik
Virgin Islands Public Services Commission
Matthew Schuerger

Matthew Schuerger
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Jason M. Stanek

Jason M. Stanek
Maryland Public Service Commission
DeAnn Walker

DeAnn Walker
Public Utility Commission of Texas

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