Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment

Committee on Energy Resources and the EnvironmentMembers
Total Members: 73

Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment

Nancy Lange

Nancy Lange, Chair
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Carla Peterman

Carla Peterman, Co-Vice Chair
California Public Utilities Commission
Stacy Head

Stacy Head
New Orleans City Council
Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Elana Wills

Elana Wills
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Ellen Nowak

Ellen Nowak
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Lorraine Akiba

Lorraine H.  Akiba
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Valerie Espinoza

Valerie Espinoza
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
David Danner

David W.  Danner
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
Robert Stein

Robert Stein
Connecticut Siting Council
Margaret Cheney

Margaret Cheney
Vermont Public Utility Commission
Margaret Curran

Margaret E.  Curran
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
Joseph Fiordaliso

Joseph L.  Fiordaliso
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Robin Sessions Cooley

Robin Sessions Cooley
Wyoming Public Service Commission
Tim Echols

Tim G.  Echols
Georgia Public Service Commission
Roland George

Roland R.  George
National Energy Board (Canada)
James Huston

James Huston
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Ketih Jordan

Ketih Jordan
Tennessee Public Utility Commission
Mike Karia

Mike Karia
Delaware Public Service Commission
Andrew Place

Andrew G.  Place
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Michael T.  Richard

Michael T.  Richard
Maryland Public Service Commission
Scott Rupp

Scott T.  Rupp
Missouri Public Service Commission
M. Beth Trombold

M. Beth Trombold
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Jordan White

Jordan White
Public Service Commission of Utah

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