Committee on Gas

Committee on GasMembers
Total Members: 88

Committee on Gas

Stan Wise

Stan Wise, Chair
Georgia Public Service Commission
Julie Fedorchak

Julie Fedorchak, Co-Vice Chair
North Dakota Public Service Commission
Diane Burman

Diane X   Burman, Co-Vice Chair
New York State Public Service Commission
Bob Anthony

Bob Anthony
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Frank Landis

Frank E.  Landis, Jr.
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Swain Whitfield

Swain E.  Whitfield
South Carolina Public Service Commission
John Coleman

John F.  Coleman, Jr.
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Kristie Fiegen

Kristie Fiegen
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
Hopeton Heron

Hopeton Heron
Jamaica Office of Utilities Regulation
Shari Albrecht

Shari Feist  Albrecht
Kansas Corporation Commission
Roger Koopman

Roger Koopman
Montana Public Service Commission
Kara Brighton Fornstrom

Kara Brighton Fornstrom
Wyoming Public Service Commission
William Kenney

William Kenney
Missouri Public Service Commission
Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner
Iowa Utilities Board
Dianne Solomon

Dianne Solomon
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
David Jones

David Jones
Tennessee Public Utility Commission
Martin Honigberg

Martin Honigberg
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Angela Weber

Angela Weber
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
G. Hamilton

G. O'Neal  Hamilton
South Carolina Public Service Commission
Julie Brown

Julie I.  Brown
Florida Public Service Commission
Jay Balasbas

Jay Balasbas
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
ToNola Brown-Bland

ToNola D.  Brown-Bland
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Robert Cicero

Robert Cicero
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Lawrence K. Friedeman

Lawrence K. Friedeman
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Harold Gray

Harold Gray
Delaware Public Service Commission
Robert Hayden

Robert E.  Hayden
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
Thad LeVar

Thad LeVar
Public Service Commission of Utah
Sherina Maye Edwards

Sherina Maye Edwards
Illinois Commerce Commission
Brooks McCabe

Brooks McCabe
Public Service Commission of West Virginia
Kimberly A. O'Guinn

Kimberly A. O'Guinn
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Robert Pickett

Robert Pickett
Regulatory Commission of Alaska
Brandon Presley

Brandon Presley
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Norman J. Saari

Norman J. Saari
Michigan Public Service Commission
Katie Sieben

Katie Sieben
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Ryan Sitton

Ryan Sitton
Railroad Commission of Texas
Paul Thomsen

Paul A.  Thomsen
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

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