Committee on Telecommunications

Committee on TelecommunicationsMembers
Total Members: 73

Committee on Telecommunications

Paul Kjellander

Paul Kjellander, Chair
Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Gregg Sayre

Gregg Sayre, Co-Vice Chair
New York State Public Service Commission
Tim Schram

Tim Schram, Co-Vice Chair
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Betty Ann Kane

Betty Ann Kane
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia
Ronald Brise

Ronald A.  Brise
Florida Public Service Commission
Stephen Bloom

Stephen Michael  Bloom
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Travis Kavulla

Travis Kavulla
Montana Public Service Commission
Randy Christmann

Randy Christmann
North Dakota Public Service Commission
Jerry Dockham

Jerry C.  Dockham
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Robert Stein

Robert Stein, Observer
Connecticut Siting Council
Sally Talberg

Sally A.  Talberg
Michigan Public Service Commission
Dan Lipschultz

Dan Lipschultz
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Johann Clendinen

Johann Clendinen
Virgin Islands Public Services Commission
Karen Charles Peterson

Karen Charles Peterson
Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable
Elliott Elam

Elliott F.  Elam, Jr.
South Carolina Public Service Commission
Upendra Chivukula

Upendra Chivukula
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Crystal Rhoades

Crystal Rhoades
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Hiram Lopez

Hiram Martinez  Lopez
Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board
Maida Coleman

Maida J.  Coleman
Missouri Public Service Commission
Daniel R. Conway

Daniel R. Conway
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Kim F. Drexler

Kim F. Drexler
Delaware Public Service Commission
Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Sarah Hofmann

Sarah Hofmann
Vermont Public Utility Commission
Lynda Lovejoy

Lynda Lovejoy
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Robin Morrison

Robin Morrison
Tennessee Public Utility Commission
Wendy M. Moser

Wendy M. Moser
Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
Rebecca L.  Pauli

Rebecca L.  Pauli
Regulatory Commission of Alaska
Clifford Rechtschaffen

Clifford Rechtschaffen
California Public Utilities Commission
David W. Sweet

David W. Sweet
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

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